New Venture Studio Data Revealed 🚀

Coming to the close of 2023, the Studio ecosystem was gifted with the “2023 COMPANY CREATOR INSIGHTS” report.

Dianna Lesage
3 min readNov 20, 2023

Brace yourself for a game-changing deep dive on BRAND NEW Studio data!

The latest information has just dropped, and trust me, these are more than numbers 📊

Thanks to Sarah Adams Anderson and the fabulous folks at Vault Fund — for publishing The “2023 Company Creator Insights” report. After reading it, I knew I needed to share some of the best key takeaways.

So, let’s dive in 👇

Portfolio Performance

💥 Studio-born startups boast an impressive 60% net IRR compared to 33% net IRR for traditionally created ventures
🧐 Interestingly, when GSSN powered by Morrow surveyed Studios in 2022 the estimated avg IRR for Studio-born startups was 53% vs. 21.3% for traditionally created startups (Disrupting The Venture Landscape)

2023 Company Creator Insights — Vault Fund

The Struggle of The Structure



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