Startup Studios- Behind The Scenes: Beeso Studio

Dianna Lesage
6 min readFeb 25, 2020

Startup Studios are a growing trend within the innovation community for good reason. The entire reason they exist is to perfect the art and science of starting, launching, and scaling a startup venture.

A good startup studio has a clearly defined business model and understands exactly how they add value to the marketplace of entrepreneurship. Some Studios focus on internal ideation using their killer team of experienced founders to disrupt big industries while other Studios add more value as a vehicle for entrepreneurship through investment and resource provisions.

Each Studio is different, but they all have one very important thing in common: every Studio’s mission is to drive innovation forward.

I sat down with Beeso Studio founder John Bunting earlier this week to discuss his take on the Startup Studio landscape and to understand what makes Beeso Studio so unique.

I learned that this Studio has a bold vision and a strong focus on strategy execution. It is their understanding of revenue models, resource needs, time efficiency, and deep-dive evaluation that allows their team to provide so much value to founders and new startup ventures.

The Origins of Beeso Studio: was initially founded in August of 2018 by John Bunting. John has experience in the startup sphere from his time at another Studio launched in Vegas where he was a founding member. John described that Studio’s concept as great in mission but fundamentally flawed in business model.

“The model was flawed. Our team didn’t do enough business development- we needed to find more startups and bring them into the studio- and we weren’t charging appropriately for services.”

He details that the business model was to provide startup founders with services like financial forecasting and tech development but pricing was an issue. Startup founders like clear pricing because projects can quickly go “over budget” without set-in-stone numbers, but most service businesses can’t operate this way. This Studio tried to maintain “flat pricing” but they were doing more work…



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