What To Do When You Hit 47.2 & How To Combat Unhappiness In Life

Essentially, the U.S population is the least happy it’s ever been.

In true economist fashion, Blanchflower has gone so far as to provide us with an exact age in which happiness is the lowest in our lives. This peak moment of misery? 47.2 in the developed world and 48.2 in developing nations.

So, what does this mean?

Well, it depends how old you are. I’m kidding- kind of.

How can I prepare for this moment?

Blanchflower provides a lot of information about the age of peak unhappiness but almost none regarding what to do about this discovery. For the solution to this problem, we have to examine what makes people unhappy in the first place.

  • The pink bar represents the level of social support felt on average in the country.
  • The orange bar depicts the average life span of individuals in the country.
  • The yellow bar represents freedom in decision making in each country.
  • The light blue bar references the generosity of the citizens in each country.
  • The navy/ purple bar represents the mistrust of the government in each country.

Happiness elements within your control

Don’t let 47.2 get the best of you

The peak age of unhappiness is 47.2 and although you can’t change this for everyone, you can do (or refrain from doing) some very specific things to ensure this mid-life meltdown doesn’t hit you too hard.

The takeaway:

Spend a lot less time on the internet and replace those missing hours with social activities involving actual other human beings. Get enough uninterrupted sleep each night and eat healthfully. Exercise regularly and surround yourself with social support. Get out of your comfort zone and find a community to be a part of- whether you’re into gaming, cooking, hooping, or working- there is a community of people just like you waiting to be found.

Endlessly curious about the human condition. Founder of Studio Upstart. Chief of Staff @ Untapped Ventures.

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