The Startup Stack- Tools For Every Stage of Building Your Venture

Develop The Idea

Finding an idea may not seem like the hard part but it is the most critical component of launching a startup. Use these tools to help develop your thesis and see what consumers all over the world are looking for.

Do Some Research

Once you've secured the idea, validation is the next step. From understanding the competitive landscape to identifying the best position for your venture in the industry, these tools will help build your unique selling point (USP).

Competition Research

SEMRush (paid)

Industry Research

CB Insights

Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

After doing some market research, you should have a clear idea of what your product/ service offers in comparison to the rest of the businesses in your space. Once you’re clear on that, it’s time to see if your venture “has legs”. By developing a website and/ or a prototype, you’ll have something tangible to bring to your audience. You’ll want to design a product (or a product page) that matches your brand and have a clear call to action- typically a sign up form where interested customers can give you their information.

Brand Development Tools

GoDaddy (free)

Website Making Tools


Landing Page Making Tools


Prototyping Tools

App Making Tools

Find a Co-Founder

Once you’ve developed a website, landing page, and/ or prototype- you need to evaluate customer demand. This process typically takes 2–4 weeks and a lot of your time and energy with regards to marketing.


ProductHunt (free)

Find & Secure Investment

FounderSuite (paid)

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